IT solutions for schools

Thanks to our close partnerships with the most prominent premium brands, we can supply top material at the best prices. We are happy to talk to you about what is possible in your situation.

Interactive projectors

Bring your lessons to life with Epson’s interactive projectors.

Combining the Epson interactive projectors with the Focus projection boards provides the sharpest possible interactive teaching solution. With Epson’s interactive projectors, teachers and students can operate the screen using the interactive pen.

Ideal for interaction in an environment in which there is collaboration between teachers and students or students. In addition, thanks to the wireless possibilities you can easily share content from a large number of smart devices with the iProjection app.


Interactive finger-touch projector with ultra-short projection distance, with support for two pens and widescreen resolution.


Clear, vivid images with one of our brightest 3LCD projectors with ultra-short projection distance.


Innovative educational solution enhances the learning experience thanks to a large scalable screen size of up to 100 inches for displaying HD-ready content in WXGA resolution.


Wireless connectivity

Easily share content from a large number of smart devices with the iProjection app2.

Touchscreens & Digital signs

A digital board brings interaction, visualization and IT to your class. With correct use, the digital board increases the activity, involvement and motivation of the students. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.

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