ICT solutions for non-profits

ICT plays an increasingly important role in almost every organisation, including non-profits. Limited budgets mean it’s not always possible to make optimum use of all the available possibilities. We want to prove the opposite!

Cloud solutions for non-profits

As a result of close collaboration between Microsoft and Social Ware, it is now possible to set up a complete cloud environment for you that’s affordable. You’ll receive a credit budget of 5,000 dollars per year for your use. You can use these credits for your own Azure Cloud server. We’ll support you throughout the process.

Purchasing hardware

The cost of hardware can usually be substantially reduced by making agreements with the right partners. We know all about this and are confident that we can cut your costs enormously!
We would be happy to take a look with you at the savings we could make for your organisation.

Time is money

Maintaining your network environment is a time-consuming activity. We know that costs in this area can mount up, which is why our offering includes a few packages that allow us to keep them under control.

Thanks to all the volunteers!

In very many cases it’s the volunteers who keep your non-profit running. We’ve worked out various options together with our partners to give them something in return. For example, with F-secure antivirus we offer you the possibility to provide your volunteers with free home licences.

Our Customers

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