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AXS Guard makes internet security easy!

Nowadays, internet security requires more than a simple Firewall. The company AXS Guard already knew that 20 years ago. The Belgian company developed an all-in-one and scalable security solution. This solution not only protects you against unauthorized access, but also ensures the security of your applications, e-mail traffic, external VPN access and all other devices connected to your network.

With its headquarters in Mechelen, you can count on AXS Guard for a thorough 24/7 service and this by Dutch-speaking specialists.

Why choose AXS Guard?


• Next Gen. application firewall
• Active detection and prevention of cyber attacks
• DMZ functionality
• Web & e-mail content scanning


• Web surfing statistics
• Network traffic statistics
• Status statistics
• Monitoring
• Logging
• …


• External access and interconnectivity
• Different VPN solutions
• Internet redundancy & load balancing

Priority management

• Bandwidth management (QoS)
• Multiple Internet connections
• Audit functionalities
• …

Optimum Sorting opts for AXS GUARD

Our client Optimum Sorting from Hasselt specializes in optical control and sorting systems for the food industry. For the opening of their second location in the Netherlands, they were looking for a way to connect the two locations seamlessly, quickly and safely. Later also an additional connection to an additional office in Denver (USA) followed.

Read the full Optimum Sorting testimonial here.

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